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Hello/Diet-Watch Summer 2011

Hello/Diet-Watch Summer 2011

Welcome readers to the re-opening of my “Bett the House” blog!

With this opening post, I will announce to the world, by new diet plan for this Summer.

While most of you probably don’t care, I figure this is a good way to not only keep me accountable to my plan, but also a way for you to encourage me on.

The Plan:

For my meals, I have started doing NutriSystem (yes, the one with Dan Marino and Mike Golick.)

To put it simply, it is calorie deprivation.  I went from having about 3000 calories a day to about cutting that in half.

As for the food quality…it is tolerable to put it nicely.  In addition, I have been taking Advocare supplements to keep up with my vitamins, minerals, and other essential dietary things.

Finally, to get myself into shape, I have called upon the services of my fraternity brother, Jim Niemann to help me work out.  Jim has gone through Marine officer training and is the perfect person to kick my butt into shape.

Thanks again for the support, and already after one week, I have lost 5 lbs.

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